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    public discussion, festival opening


In April come to the 20th Exodos Festival!

The international festival of contemporary performing arts Exodos always shows exclusive performances, otherwise rarely seen in our region. This jubilee edition will be marked by highly creative young artists from distant parts of the world, from Tibet, China, the countries of the European Union and the Balkans, to Palestine and Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and South Africa. Most of them have never shown their works to European audiences yet, and neither we know anything about their artistic background or even their geographic origin. In addition to their exceptional talent they also share a commitment to the idea that our diversity enriches us and contributes to creativity in a common, single world.

Moreover, we will not only look at the artists, but also (in)formally mingle with them and their producers, discuss about the creative process, conditions for work, multi-nationality, group authorship and alike. There will be a chance to give ground to new global productions without borders and prejudices. Differences enhance us all and contribute to creation in a common universe, which is a bit shaky these days, anyway.

The 20th Exodos Festival will open with The Cradle, a production with young dancers from China and Central-Eastern Europe testing our acceptance of differences and our search for similarities by means of an amalgam of traditional and contemporary dance, music from 7 different countries, cultures from 2 continents. Global creation without boundaries and prejudices will be a leading topic of the festival, of performances and informal gatherings alike.